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The Devil is a Gentleman

Halloween, the spookiest time of the year.  Caricatures of ghosts and ghouls, horror film characters, witches, both white magic and black arts, the Devil and disciples, the acolytes in training, headless zombies, Dracula and the Damned.  Throw in a few glasses of alcohol, snacks, and sugary treats and a party in full swing to wake the distant dead.

It’s all fantasy and make believe, it’s not real, we hear others say, it’s not really scary. It’s mummy in a wig and a costume, Daddy in fancy dress, face makeup.  It could be all the ingredients to concoct a mini bedtime story of evil spirits and the living dead.   The reality ?  These people really do exist.  On your social media timelines, in your workplace, in the supermarket, at the pub, in the park, on dating apps.  The real monsters could be your best mate, your colleague or boss or, if you’re really unlucky – the person in the bed next to you.  There are women that you know, that will be in bed tonight, sleeping next to a man that has raped another woman. 


It’s distressing, at times, to be a conduit for those coming to terms, accepting, admitting that a well known name has sexually assaulted them.  I believe you.

Original Art – Pete Harju with permission.

That’s the disadvantage of making new friends from social media (could be a new fiend), you could be manipulated into thinking someone is the antithesis of whom they present.

Is your fabulous new male Dom/lover/threesome phuque buddy who they say they are ?

How many women has your partner coerced, ignored boundaries, assaulted, raped ? 

I can believe many of you are clueless who friends/ lovers really are.

Whilst I’m mocked and subtweeted, I’ve watched the ticking time bombs in your life.  In some instances, I could have pulled you out of harms way, long before you crawled out of the wreckage you now find yourself.  That is the one benefit of my survival from mindWizard.  Whilst hyper vigilance is exhausting, after receiving expert Rape and Trauma Therapy, I had learned the signs and Red flags to see them quite openly waving in your life.  Will I make mistakes in future ?  Of course I will, I’m human.  Will I recognise those red flags a lot sooner ?  I Absolutely hope so.  Will I tell you what your partner is capable of ?  Ask me.

There are double figures, that I’m currently aware of, some women whose real names I know, he once shared everything about his women with me, the shared truths didn’t last long, the only ethical side of his violent tendencies, in the early months, that have ‘dated’ mindWizard.  The well used phrases, the reply guy behaviour, the jealous rages, the accusations from out of the blue, the silent treatment, the temporary discard, hoovering up and rinsing to start the cycle once more. 

I see you and I wonder, did he say to you the things he told me, were you aware of the overlap between at least four of us ?  They’re not always Twitter victims, but Hinge, Tinder, whatever produces the best under 35 year old fresh canvasses.  The younger easier prey, new to the scene or novice.  Those of us that didn’t listen to our gut.  You will be kept hot whilst he prepares the next batch, the replacement for your less than firm flesh.

Every time, at the end of their triste, the all too familiar subtweets and memes detailing #NPD, #Gaslighting #Coercion #NonEthicalPoly – it turns my stomach, I can’t stop it from happening to you, I can’t save you, I cannot even tell you, a stranger, my past before you are tethered to his bed tonight.

Whilst you try to keep hold of the rope (chain) on the current life preserver that is, our sanity and all that is true,  it’s worth keeping in the back of our minds – when you asked the question that has been weighing on your mind, does the reply make sense in context of events and previously shared information ?  Is it text book, never a syllable skipped ? The heart wrenching sorrow of love, death and demise to disarm you ?  You’re an Empath, his favourite toy to destroy and chuck in the bin., 

Do you ever watch them sleeping and wonder ?  This magnificent specimen preaching homilies of care and kindness, everyone’s favourite guy/girl, good mental health, consent and respect ?

Your partner raped me. 

Your husband sexually assaulted me

Your best mate violently assaulted me at a party whilst you were passed out drunk.

Your brother gripped my hands so tight behind my back, the bruises lasted for weeks. 

Your current fiancé, is so arrogant he can do whatever he wants, mock the woman he sexually brutalised on social media under the guise of her alleged in/sanity.

You’re all complicit in the cover ups. 

We become enraptured by fairy tales of expert manipulators never realising we are being gaslit to Hell.  They hide the horror of their animalistic rage so well.  Don’t they ?!

Women are worse, they will phuque your partner behind your back, whilst swapping gossip etc

They will be your best friend whilst having sex with your husband, your kids used as pawns in their sexual chess games, or deceit and betrayal whilst updating their social media status with not so subtle cryptic messages of wonderful superlatives. 

They will slide into your boyfriend’s bed under the guise of “ whoops wrong room” or a drunken kiss when your team won the match but it’s okay, it didn’t mean anything.

These one dimensional sexually obsessed cheats, liars, manipulators, abusers and rapists are your friends, lovers, partners, spouses and playmates.

Women looking for validation from people that unbeknownst laugh about them, in private messages unaware that woman steals their lover behind the veil of camaraderie.

How many attempted suicides are you personally responsible for playing your part ?

How many marriages did you destroy for a cheap thrill then leave when discovered ? 

How many times have you changed your online identity, whilst “Playing the distressed victim” when his Mrs finds you ?

How many women did you push into the darkness to kill themselves for your vile comments and bullying after behaving so badly ? 

A few days ago, I reposted some of my older blogs from the spring/summer.  They generated a fair bit of DM Twitter that my app was crashing, although, Twitter is like a wronged partner at times, a bit of a narcissistic bastard  – It occasionally gives me the silent treatment. 

My point being, nobody is really who we think they are.  Ask lots of questions, if somebody gets annoyed, red flags Should be noticeable. 

Try the ”No test”.  A simple exercise to test temperament, use for a very basic suggestion, or plan.  It’s a very fast indicator to avoid personal injury in the future.  I’d unknowingly used it on my first “date” with mindWizard.  You can read what happened here: SwirlingFire: Mentor.  How, through nearly a year of platonic friendship, I had been conditioned to accept my responses as unreasonable and crazy: SwirlingFire: The First Scent of Fear.

Halloween has not yet begun.

Whilst you contemplate the annual game of Russian Roulette and the bullet aimed at your brain, the spookiest part of the year is about to unravel, the scariest person to someone else could be the monster hiding in plain sight IN your bed.

Your nightmare will last a lifetime.

Sweet Dreams

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All instances are either my experiences or shared with me since I started blogging. Discretion assured for the innocent.

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