melody Does Have Her Own Personality

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Something I keep nagging at is how real is melody ?  Is she some kind of play acting thrown at me by my psyche as a joke to excuse a cross dressing fetish by pretending it’s real ?

In conversation with someone last year I came up with an interesting idea.  What personality type is melody ?  His Myers Briggs type has been consistent going back over 20 years, it’s been an unshifting baseline and would be a pretty good comparator against any detectable change.

MBTI-01I wanted to wait until I was sure that melody stood a fair chance of being in the ascendant.  This last week has seen a brainwashing session and a normal hypnosis session and with a couple of days settling down gone by, now seemed as good a time as any to give the experiment a go.

Certainly I did try to ensure my mind was cast and operating validly as what I perceive to be melody, but I think that’s fair as she’s still developing.

The baseline from him is INTP.  The result for melody is ISTP.  That doesn’t look like much of a change, but to change enough to affect a Myers Briggs profile is pretty significant.  There’s even more when looking deeper in to the individual scores.  Both the ‘T’ and the ‘P’ are pretty borderline and veering in to their ‘F’ and ‘J’ counter parts.

What I’m seeing is that melody is close to being 3 types different than him and that is a vast, almost unprecedented change.  The time to really worry is if the ‘I’ turns in to an ‘E’.  It’s not showing much sign of doing so, even though melody is much more of an extrovert than he is.

What did I expect ?  In some respects, I hoped there would be no difference, that I could put it all down to mental games.  On the other hand, there was too much new baggage to suggest that changes had not occurred.

In the end, I’ll take it.  As the test itself asserts, I like hard data, even if I am now potentially more emotional processing it.

According to this chart, he’s Yoda and she’s Chewbacca (who I’d never considered female before).



The nature of these tests is that the result is relatively static over time and using them to repeatedly see if there is change is pointless.  However, after a few hours in which I wrote the above and relaxed with a large whiskey, I felt it valid to seek some confirmation that I, or more specifically melody, have changed.

I used a different site, the questions being slightly different and the answers allowed for more nuance in the end result which seemed to resolve the borderline values a bit better.

The ‘S’ slid slightly back in to the ‘N’.  But more interestingly the ‘T’ was now an ‘F’ and the ‘P’ was now a ‘J’, giving INFJ.

I know these are marginal and are likely to fluctuate until they settle down.

I feel that INFJ is valid and significant because on reading the in depth description it referenced several ‘typical’ behaviours that are brand new to me this past year.

And, it now means that melody is now Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The description for ISTP has fewer elements that I recognise than for INFJ but is still reasonably accurate.  It just tells me that melody is still actively re-configuring herself.