100 Not Out

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A surprising stat has come to my attention.  My previous post was my 100th on this blog.  Since starting the blog, that works out to about 11 posts a month or slightly better than 1 every 3 days.

[Note: recent guest posts by SwirlingFire are not included in this count, hence why I picked it up a little late.]

I don’t have much to say beyond thank you to everyone who has visited and especially those who have interacted.   The regular commenters – I’ve come to love you guys and always look forward to reading your feedback.

I thought I’d pick out a few personal highlights from the blog as an indulgent retrospective.  There’s nothing special about the ordering.


Here melody ‘fesses up to being a crap sub with all the wrong approach You Don’t Need A Collar To Be An Owned Submissive.  A tale with a happy ending.

The most viewed post on the blog is a memoriam to the pioneering Mrs Silk.  Since that site went off the web in mid-year this post now ranks high on the search engines.  Mrs Silk: An Unintentional Pioneer

melody was owned for a long time, this poignant post reflects on the final act of a loving domme leaving BDSM behind.  The Bitter Sweetness of the End

This one is in the nature of being a personal favourite Excuses, Excuses . . .

This year has been characterised by the growth of melody in a number of important areas, one of which is my personal recognition of gender – Gender Fluid Identity

I really couldn’t miss out one of the most zany things ever.  melody was persuaded to indulge her domme’s interest in sploshing.  A crazy time with pictures In Which Melody Exposes Herself (a new sploshing post is in the works)

I couldn’t miss out some elements from the dungeon.  Here melody describes the conflicts when the responsibility of submission and endurance is her choice When the Shackles Come Off

Regular readers will know that melody and her domme explore brainwashing in a confinement scenario.  It’s a fairly regular question – Why ?  This post from mid-year tries to put some words to it. Clearing the Bar – Confinement & Brainwashing

My former mistress had to end her involvement in D/s.  melody recently had the opportunity to spend a weekend away with her where discussions were very open and humbling Nodal Involvement

And to end this list something quite recent that questioned melody’s assumptions about the image she projects in public.  At times, it may not be as male as she assumes At the Car Wash

Thank you to all who have passed by, it’s been a lot more fun than I ever expected.