SwirlingFire: The Concierge

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The Concierge

I miss the man he pretended to be
I fell for a mirage
The essence
his spells hypnotised me
The mindWizard training

A new milestone
I never expected
You’re never alone
When cruelly rejected

Humiliation is minor
The lasting effects
You feel all the guilt
As your mind is swept clean
Boundaries erased
Sleight of hand
Ones safety neglected
Dangers of missing
Never once discussed or seen
Safe words are colours
Red yellow and green
When spinning in space
Unable to scream
A puppet
A rag doll
Restrained by leather
A sex toy
Fuck meat
A warm body for
his pleasure.

That time of the year
That’s meant to spread joy
A time to rejoice
Another rejected broken toy
Rarely a nudge from a shiny leather brogue
You’re never alone
With a Narcissistic Rogue

The vehement lies
Oh he is quite the victim
Please love me more
his silence treatment
Addictively bewitching

Bewildered and battered
It’s mind control games
The trickery well hidden
No one else has complained
The nuance of phrasing
The cute familiar emoji
Its casual fun
You never mattered

It’s the slice of his knife
Pulled from its sheath
You’ll never break free
You’re unimportant
Towering above you
You will always further prostate
your soul
beneath shadows
So deep
At his feet
Whilst he sneers

And oh how they admire
That fiery spirit
returning with speed
As the pulse gently quickens
It’s all giving and wanton
No personal needs
It’s fine when its another
Let’s hope it’s not me
The articulate spears
That miss their mark
Another silent
shot in the dark

The respect and consent
So blindly given
My dear you were Bambi
Fresh roadkill to devour
Your safety was absent
It was all a charade

And Oh how they love him
They continue to pander
The Cad and the bounder
The Goose and his gander
A wonderful human
more female minds to extort
Rape and plunder

Now as I scroll
The email count blinks
The famous emoji
The smiley wink wink

Deceit and decay
From a wonderful start
It all turned to violence
A precise scripted Art
he staged a great show
I need to break free
My mind is so abstract
It screams
Please see me
It comes and it goes
My Forever Autumn days
Tossed away on a whim
As his popularity grows
Nothing damaged with him

And now it’s full cycle
That first year has passed
The clock springs in motion
As he turns the hourglass
Time to reflect
As one leaves
There’s another
Ready for mind bending
Ripe for the thrill
For his charms
Never ending
Send reinforcements
he’s ready for more
Another sweet batch
Of unpaid whores

From the north of the country
To the wild windy moors
There’s always another
In the forest of lovelies
Bright and ambitious
In control of their brains
Let’s see how long
Their inner strength remains

You’re such a good girl
i’m so very proud
Yet always you’ll wonder
What’s not said out loud

Countless nights of unanswered texts
The tasks unacknowledged
Of What’s App blue ticks
It crosses your mind
As you drop down the list
A sad lonely man
his virility persists

The need for attention
Another day passed
You will never be his priority
That spot has been taken
he will always reign supreme
In his Kingdom of willing flesh
The crops and floggers
The cane and his grip
he will bend you over so deftly
You will wriggle and squirm
You think he is special
he is another worm

Dear child you’re deluded
he’ll never change
You’re another step closer
To digging your grave

As your looks and your youth
Are consumed by his fire
You’re never alone
With the hundreds of texts
Searching for clues
For What happens next

The moment you think
You have it all sussed
he is planning his escape
So quietly expedited
Not an inkling of fuss

The callously craven
Sadistic ways
You will never break free
It’s futile to try
Prepare yourself wisely
he enjoys making you cry

Now at the start of another new month
Looking for new entry
Braving the barricades rebuilding
Pulling warmth about you
The shiver from shock
What did you learn
When you last took
That trip around the block
Casual shrug
There’s always a trick
In the Old Goats sleeve
The Devil has ways
You would never believe

original artwork by @ saucy_bunny

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