Who’d Get Locked in Chastity ?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

The answer is that there are a surprising number who do so and many many times that number who fantasise about it.

For many males considering chastity it is sexual catnip.  The desire/fantasy goes across the spectrum.  It’s not just submissives or sissy’s, it includes alphas, dominants and males with no interest in any other kink.  There’s something extremely potent about having their cock locked away for one reason or another and under the control of another.

Whilst a desire for chastity is common in the submissive and sissy arenas, the attraction across the wider spectrum gives pause for thought on motivations.

  1. Tease and denial sensations, a variation on tantric sex
  2. Power games
  3. Submission games – wearing a device can give the illusion of 24/7 submission
  4. An attempt at D/s and submission which may or may not turn out to be genuine

Even when the fantasy has chastity as part of submission it’s invariably still operated as the male having the control, even though he often believes otherwise.

Fantasy chastity wish fulfilment

The male will have spent his life having an orgasm whenever he wanted.  Drawn to the concept of chastity by bad porn and more recently captioned GIFs he will find that there’s a new intensity in masturbating to the idea that he can’t masturbate.  The goddess image in his head that’s telling him he can’t cum ensures that he does orgasm, very potently.

I think you’ll appreciate that something about this image has to give if he plucks up the courage to find a keyholder.

Finding a keyholder presupposes that the sub has found a chastity device and started to acclimatise to it.  There are a surprisingly large number of subs who seem to think that it is such a privilege they are offering the keyholder, especially a female one, that she should provide the device.  That’s usually a deal breaker, so we’ll pick up from the assumption that he has a device.

There are now plenty of cheap plastic devices on the market since the Chinese ignored patents and flooded the market.  When the first ever device is delivered his stomach is roiling before even opening the package.  Here is the gateway to fantasy fulfilment in his hands.

The contents of the box will look like something from IKEA.  Learning which of the different sized bits come together to make a reasonably comfortable fit will take him a while.  This is especially true at first since he’s likely to be harder than he can ever remember and it will seem like nothing is going to fit.  A bit of squeezing and pulling and he’s going to be orgasming, probably whilst trying very hard not to.  Really ironic that, an orgasm whilst trying to get a chastity device around his cock and balls.

As a laugh for female readers, it is going to take him ages to realise that he’s a lot smaller when it comes to fitting than he estimated.

The chastity porn stories will have you believe that a guy goes out for the evening and wakes up in the morning to find that his date had drugged him and fitted a chastity device which is immediately comfortable for the rest of his life.

The reality is that despite considerable improvements in design for comfort, a chastity device can be bloody painful.  It takes a lot of adjustments over time to become bearable to wear for any length of time.  Which, of course, is usually the stated goal.

CB-02The lead up to being locked at the behest of a keyholder is one of the most emotionally intense things a sub has been through up to now.  Over a period of time the keyholder will be ramping up the pressure to get the sub to make the breakthrough to agree to actually be locked up.  The diligent keyholder will ensure that the device adjustment has been working and the sub thinks he’s ready to wear the device for at least a day or two.

This builds up to the crescendo of the date and time for the device to locked and under the control of the keyholder.  Most such events are online, especially since web cams are ubiquitous.  Less often the event can be an actual encounter.

In the vernacular, this is a ‘shit or bust’ moment for the sub.  His boasting and bravado are being called out.  His supreme fantasy is about to be realised and he’s so fucking scared he’s a mental blob of jelly – albeit jelly still being controlled by the imperatives of his dick.

What you rarely hear about in relation to chastity is the sheer hard work it is for a keyholder.  You almost always only hear about it from the sub’s perspective, and that tells you a lot.  To get a sub to this point can take weeks of cajoling, long hours in online chat, massaging both the sub’s ego and fantasies.  These are fantasies that he’s never experienced in reality and until the actual moment it’s always a question of ‘will he, won’t he ?’

The final moment arrives, the device is in place and so is the padlock waiting to be pushed locked.  It’s a small moment of triumph for the keyholder and a Rubicon moment for the sub; ‘Alea iacta est’, life will never be the same once he finally commits to closing the lock.

Whether the keyholder does it in an encounter, or he does it himself, the click of the lock closing is the loudest sound he’s ever heard.

And what he doesn’t know is that it’s largely all a sham.  He thinks the keyholder has full control.  But the prudent keyholder is not going to take the keys out of his reach for a long time.  He can unlock anytime he wants to.  They have probably negotiated consequences in case he does and the good keyholder will have used the preparation time to make him more afraid of the consequences than his desire to unlock.

About as secure as a chocolate teapot

The other secret he’s too scared to realise is that the cheap device he’s locked in can be broken in seconds.  He may be physically locked in the device but in reality he’s going to be conditioned to be mentally locked in it – assuming the keyholder can cajole him along this path.

From this point the sub is on an emotional roller coaster that he never expected and doesn’t know how to deal with.  He becomes incredibly self-centred.  Everything is about him and the pain of the attempted erection that he’s continually feeling suppressed by the device.  He will bombard the keyholder with details of every slightest twinge of feeling or pain in regard to the orgasm he can’t have, all in the mistaken belief that this is his submission to the keyholder.  For him it’s the biggest mindfuck he’s ever had.

None of this is yet actual submission or living the chastity lifestyle.  Perseverance from both may get to the point where these things become a real possibility but the odds are very much against it.  Which is a pity since for those who do succeed the mindfucks only get better.

You may well be still asking who’d get locked in chastity ?  I’d add another question, given all this work for not much reward, who’d be a keyholder ?

The payoff for both comes much further down the road when the sub learns what submission actually means and that his cock is locked up or not on the whim of the keyholder and not in response to his fantasy or libido.