A Bit of Needle

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Needle Play Pictures

Needle play started as curiosity, an activity where she persuaded me to broach limits.  Those earliest sessions were about learning how to relax, cope with the endorphins and didn’t include so many needles as to create large patterns.

More recently the number of needles has increased and the patterns she creates have been stunning.  As a new-ish needle bunny I marvel when I see the pictures and rather like to show them off and record them here.

Needles are not for everyone, so for those unable to proceed here’s a picture of my niece whilst you press the back button.

Beware the vicious cuteness

This session was notable in that the subspace and endorphin build up were very high.  I started with high levels of endorphins as she hadn’t held back much during the CP just before it.  The top of my head felt ready to explode by the end.

Lovely day, lovely patterns …