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[TellMeAbout] The Non-Masochist Painslut

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Pain – Now there’s a word that splits me in two.  In general terms, I hate pain.  Even mild discomfort is something I avoid in daily life.  When it comes to D/s, it’s a whole different ball game.  It gives both my current domme and my former mistress a giggle to bracket me as a painslut.

A Bit of Needle

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Content Notice Needle Play Pictures Needle play started as curiosity, an activity where she persuaded me to broach limits.  Those earliest sessions were about learning how to relax, cope with the endorphins and didn’t include so many needles as to create large patterns. More recently the number of needles has increased and the patterns she creates have… Read More »

[TellMeAbout] Fantasies

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Good grief !!!  Is that a cue for me to actually write smut ? Hmmm … perhaps tangentially. Fantasies can be odd, they are, of course, intensely personal images, feelings and sensations from the darkest recesses of the mind – veritable monsters from the Id.