Thoughts from a Disturbing Picture

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The @WhoresofYore account is a treasure trove, combining current sex worker advocacy with fascinating historical context and downright curiosities.

She posted this curiosity of a picture which has all sorts of interesting things in it for my own darker kinks, fetishes and desires.

Amputation of the penis, together with wound of the abdomen, inflicted by a whale-blubber knife. Cicatrization. Recovery

I would say that the abdomen scar is not of so much interest, but it raises questions.  Was that injury part of the same trauma of amputating the penis ?  Does that imply it was inflicted by a 3rd party ?  If so, what was the dispute ?  Or was it an industrial accident ?  I want to know the answers and never will.

Blubber-KnifeTake a look at a blubber knife.  There’s all sorts of examples, but generally you’re looking at a long handle and a big, very sharp blade.   This does not look like the sort of thing to use for a self-inflicted wound.

If you’ve been following me long enough, then you’ll know I have a strong genital removal fetish.  So it’s fairly obvious what drew me to this picture.  I find the speculation I’ve constructed around it to be interesting, even if it does rather rule out self immolation.

I don’t believe I have any desire to self-immolate, yet I am fascinated by the motivations of those that do, especially when it is related to transgender issues with the individual.

Do I have a desire to be castrated and / or a penectomy ?  You bet I do and for me it’s valid inside and outside of kink.  There’s a strong submissive component which craves to have my genitals removed by my domme.  Despite her own castration fetish it’s not going to happen – coz sensible thoughts of RACK  and SSC take precedence in both of us.

The title of the picture is more precise than we tend to be these days.  Castration refers to orchiectomy, that is the removal of the testicles.  The amputation of the penis, as in the title is a penectomy and they’re different procedures, albeit likely to be combined in SRS.

My own castration/penectomy fantasies evolved over a long time, through my long experience of chastity and then beyond.  I now understand it in relation to what readers may see as a more ‘normal’ context of being transgendered and repudiating the male whilst seeking the female.  In other words, it would be complete genital removal.

However, some of those earlier intermediate fantasies are recalled by this picture.  The poor chap does not appear to be castrated.  He appears to have testicles within the scrotum.  Those testicles will still have produced testosterone and sperm.  He will probably have been in a state of constant, intense arousal with no means of alleviating that arousal.  No means to reach an orgasm.

As a fantasy that’s going to make a lot of people wince and cross their legs.  But come from the long term or permanent chastity background and it makes sense – you no longer need the (uncomfortable) chastity device to achieve that effect.  Indeed, one question when in such deep chastity is what can one do to make sure it never ends ?  It’s one way of ensuring that permanence of suffering.

This picture recalls so many old thoughts.  Some I can laugh at, others I see how they have evolved with each new understanding of myself.

And sorry if the image has put anyone off their tea 😋