SwirlingFire: The Sadist and the Fawn

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The majority of my writing is a creative outlet to process sexual assault / trauma resulting from suppressing #Rape within an uninformed non consensual d/s mentoring “dynamic”.

The following piece of prose is a fresh visit as new memories surface and the anniversary to “first scent of fear” approaches – please exercise caution with this piece and the subject matter.

The Sadist and the Fawn

I am the calm before the storm
the breeze that lifts your drapes
The Silent hush – impending doom
The knifeless non-violent rape

his scented breath
a questionable wrench
One’s mind slips out of gear,
The man you thought was
quite ” the Gent ”
She’s filled with fear

I am the swirl of moments lost
The words that went unsaid
The leather collar,
attached by chain
Tethered to A Rapists bed.

The Beast sleeps without conscience
It’s her fault
She’s the one he blames.

Wracked with fear and nausea
What the hell caused that?
The gentle touch to halt his hand
Sent his temper
Swirling like a flailing cricket bat
Pinned to the spot in terror
his heat
Too late.
made him behave like that !!!

It’s not easy to run
When your feet are weighted lead
Will the next one be left for dead ?

You really were a silly girl
And not the first time,
Really ?
Ewwww !
You were Asking for it !!
You know
it’s TRUE!

How do you learn to live
When horror leaves its mark ?
Push it down
Don’t think
Don’t speak
Never mention this again
You shouldn’t have
changed your mind,
he won’t accept
he only wants his
She can’t deny his hefty frame
he is too big To fight him off,
When screaming PhuqueOff.

It’s always the same old story
his career is on the Rise
They’ll never hear the truth you speak
he pre-paved her path with lies

The Gaslight and the Glow
The never changing games
the older man
the younger girl
You Idiot
You’re to blame.

Restrained on his bench
Leather tightly binds
don’t bother discussing consent,
he won’t listen to your cries
Your tears of fear
will push him on
The Sadist and The Fawn
Ripping trust right from her core
Not long now sweetie,
Daddy’s Almost done.

Her mind floating free
Disassociation in full gear
stupid bitches
Under his spell
his sovereign rite
to start again.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Many compliments to share
Ever increasing numbers
Such easy bait
Lining them up
To destroy
he never has to wait


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