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[TellMeAbout] The Non-Masochist Painslut

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Pain – Now there’s a word that splits me in two.  In general terms, I hate pain.  Even mild discomfort is something I avoid in daily life.  When it comes to D/s, it’s a whole different ball game.  It gives both my current domme and my former mistress a giggle to bracket me as a painslut.

Snake Bite

Reading Time: 4 minutes The CP sessions with the domme started some months after the hypnosis.  Even so it’s nearly three years since that first one.  After the latest CP session (yesterday at time of starting this post) I’ve had time to reflect on how much I’ve changed and accomplished in those three years. That first CP session was my first in… Read More »

Boiling A Frog

Reading Time: 4 minutes For me the term spanking is not, as it might be for others, a short sharp punishment.  It’s not a six of the best to highlight a broken rule.  For me it’s part of a highly intimate dance over one or perhaps two hours in a CP session. The actual spanking part is an intermediate stage in a… Read More »


Reading Time: 3 minutes Today’s #StoryIn12 word prompt had me thinking on some old thoughts.  The word was Faith. The human psyche has a very definite religious need.  Yes, modern western society tends to regard itself as increasingly secular with regard to the major religions, yet the same people decrying the ‘gullibility’ of the religiously inclined are often those most involved with… Read More »