Discovering Curves

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Prompts can sometimes pass by in a blur when you’re not ready to write.  Sometimes you look at a prompt and think you have no connection to it.  And that’s how it was for this prompt until I came upon this picture.


Beyond my initial reaction of “Brava”, it set me thinking.  My current domme is actually a size 0 and quite gorgeous.  Not because of her small stature, but because she’s naturally comfortable with it.  She can drink wine and eat the odd pizza and not feel too guilty about it.  And she has the curves.

She’s different to almost everyone else I’ve been close to.  Yet, they all have have one thing in common.  They have been relatively happy in their own skins.

All the other ladies I’ve been close to have been very curvy.  My ‘big sister’ was indeed big at around a size 30 (UK) and she could proudly flaunt it in a manner that exuded body confidence and femininity.

My mistress was UK 20/22 and looked stunning in her bespoke corsetry, she had amazing poise, style and a flamboyance hard to pin down.

These are people I have thoroughly enjoyed being in their company.  Some might say ‘big curves, big personality’.  But what have curves to do with personality ?

If I’m honest, I grew up indoctrinated with the judgemental standards of the times being pummelled in to me.  Those of my parent’s generation growing up under rationing considering anyone with meat on their bones as people to be censured, that they must somehow have been cheating the system.

I certainly had some prejudice regarding weight and size before these wonderful people had such an effect on my life.  They were curvy and they loved who they were.  They properly opened my eyes that the real aesthetic was internal, not external.

In my personal relations with curves I retain some of those old prejudices when I look in the mirror.  There’s a limit to how petite I could be, based on having a male frame.  To be healthy and proportionate as a female figure I have to accept that I’m not Wallace Simpson and really, although I’m sure that I’d dwarf Sophia Loren, that proportionate and healthy image of her curves is inspiring, as are the curves and body confidence of some of the beautiful people I’ve had the privilege to know.  They’ve become role models now in a way totally unforeseen.  Their body confidence, that glow of knowing who you are is what I really hope to be able to cultivate.

And hey, I might not be bothered about the pizza, but don’t stop me enjoying good wine 🍷🍷