Excuses, Excuses . . .

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We’ve all made excuses for things.  Our behaviour, things we promised and didn’t deliver, undying devotion to a domme of 3 days online acquaintance, tasks left undone.

Male subs as a genre have a bad reputation with dommes for their duplicity and inconstancy.  Dommes have heard every single excuse under the sun and as a rule believe none of them.  Subs don’t deliver, subs disappoint, subs lie and cheat like small boys telling the teacher their cleverly thought up excuse of ‘the dog ate my homework’ that they think no one has come up with before.

Which is why a sub might be particularly aggrieved when his improbable excuse is, in fact, real and true.

I’d driven up to see her and we’d had some play in the dungeon and some relaxing time afterwards.  When she jumped up and said “come on. we’re off”.

So there we were, in the car apparently heading towards the local city, deep in to the centre and finding a parking space.  She set a brisk pace through the shopping centre until we arrived at the destination.  Which turned out to be her favourite piercing and tattoo parlour.

I’d known for some time that she was quite intent on having me with a PA.  Apparently, this was to be the time and place.  Her arrangements gave me no time to think or object, not even when presented with the consent form.  Because she wanted it, I wanted it, too.  Or at least wanted it enough as her sub to go through with it.

In short order I was in the room, trousers and panties off – yes, the frilly panties she’d cooed over in the morning on display to the piercer.  She told me that she’d tried to book a female piercer to be more humiliating.  Holding my hand as I sat and then laid on the bench she wasn’t so much keeping me calm as half making sure I didn’t leap up and escape.  She wanted to feel my every reaction transmitted through that electric connection and I felt her getting more and more excited as her grip became tighter.

PA-BarbellIt wasn’t a gynaecological chair, but that’s exactly how it felt as he inspected what he had to work with.  He then stood up and spoke more at Mistress than me.

He WASN’T going to do it !!!!!

I was too far gone in sub space to pay too much attention, expecting to go with the flow.  He told her/us that there was a large vein in the way of where he needed to pierce and that he wasn’t going to risk it.

She definitely wasn’t happy, but he was her favourite piercer so she had to believe him as opposed to wondering if I’d nobbled him.  With barely time to pull up my trousers she grabbed my arm and walked out with that slightly rictus white lipped expression that only a female pretending everything is fine can truly manage.

Hardly a word was said until we were sat in a nearby coffee shop.  We both needed time to think and process and to come down from our different highs.

For a time she felt cheated and angry.  She then turned it around and realised that the fact that I wasn’t currently sporting a sore PA was actually irrelevant.  I’d been there with her in the room, up on the couch moments from going through with what she wanted done and it wasn’t me that stopped it or baled out.

Having reconciled herself and now seeing the lighter side of it, I gave her one more thing to ponder.  She could, just as easily have given me, or any other sub, remote instructions to visit a piercing parlour in our own town to get a PA and to report back when it was done.

What, I asked would be her reaction, to someone coming back to her and saying “the piercer wouldn’t do it, says it’s too risky” ?

That broke the last remaining tension as she fell over laughing realising that there was no way she would actually believe a phantasmagorical excuse like that.  All was forgiven after a spanking on returning back to her dungeon.

I challenge any domme to tell me with a straight face that they would believe a sub delivering an excuse such as this.

Perhaps people might post their genuine excuses that have not been believed.