SwirlingFire: Swirly Most Read Posts – #1

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Swirly Most Read Posts – #1

#1 The First Scent of Fear

#2 Silent Scream

#3 Gaslighting & Ghosting

#4 Overshare

#5 The Hour Glass

#6 Twitter Changed My Life

#7 Empty On The Inside

#8 The Request

#9 Mentor

#10 You’re Worthless so I Subtweet


These are the most clicked posts since I was approached by melodyInsights.com to kindly host my words.

The mix of styles and my waxing and waning temperament is quite dramatic.  It’s painful at times to revisit some of these posts.

In some cases, light bulb moments.  In others, still mixed feelings of confusion and anger.

Thank you for the support and comments at the time of original publishing.  It was greatly appreciated to be “heard”

#1 – Originally posted November 2018

melody “the editor” writes:

For various reasons SwirlingFire asked me to write the intro to this post.  It is by a long way her most viewed post.  

I’d been acting as editor for about 6 weeks when we worked on this one and my abiding memory is of the discussions we had as it came together.  These were tough for SwirlingFire and not entirely easy for me.  It brought home to me just how deep her story and experiences went.  

In my own writings I’ve talked about staring down the path that leads to darkness and being pulled away by care and kindness.  This post describes the terror when instead of being led gently away, you’re forcefully propelled down that dark path with almost no hope of return.

Please do observe the warnings on the post.

It’s taken a lot of courage for SwirlingFire to revisit these listed posts and create her intros for each one.  Do go read them.

Swirlingfire: A Posting History

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