SwirlingFire: Swirly Most Read Posts – #4

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Swirly Most Read Posts – #4


#4 Overshare

#5 The Hour Glass

#6 Twitter Changed My Life

#7 Empty On The Inside

#8 The Request

#9 Mentor

#10 You’re Worthless so I Subtweet


These are the most clicked posts since I was approached by melodyInsights.com to kindly host my words.

The mix of styles and my waxing and waning temperament is quite dramatic.  It’s painful at times to revisit some of these posts.

In some cases, light bulb moments.  In others, still mixed feelings of confusion and anger.

Thank you for the support and comments at the time of original publishing.  It was greatly appreciated to be “heard”

#4 – from January 2019

This was a punch straight in “the feels” to revisit.  It still holds true.  I’ve since met several Tweeters (Swirly’s Grand Day Out).  I’m so glad I spent the day with someone and given the opportunity to meet.  I was petrified but I need not have been.  Another visit
is scheduled for the very near future.  Some gambles don’t bear fruit.  Meeting up with a fellow “FishFinger Sammich” lover was hitting the jackpot 💋

Great thanks to those that commented on this post, the support at that time was priceless to me.

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