The Blessing of Friendship

Reading Time: 3 minutes It really came home to me last night just how blessed I have been with some of the people in my life.  In a packed restaurant I was sat opposite my former mistress and we’re talking about anything and everything. She suffers from depression, anxiety and PTSD which means she can shut out the world for long periods… Read More »

SwirlingFire: Rewarded with Punishments

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rewarded with Punishments My introduction to BDSM and d/s was not a straightforward or ethically healthy and open way to learn. Originally, this prompt was spawned from memories of enjoying CP, daddy’s belt, caning as positive attention and showing his pleasure towards me.  I had read several blogs of other submissives and noted time after time, the things… Read More »

[F4Thought] One Book

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Perhaps my very earliest memory is from the age of around three, being in bed and being taught to read by my mother.  Yes, she did also read to me, or tell stories.  She loved Greek mythology and imbued me with the magic of story telling from antiquity. Those memories don’t last long, once she’d got me… Read More »

A Bit of Needle

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Content Notice Needle Play Pictures Needle play started as curiosity, an activity where she persuaded me to broach limits.  Those earliest sessions were about learning how to relax, cope with the endorphins and didn’t include so many needles as to create large patterns. More recently the number of needles has increased and the patterns she creates have… Read More »

How I Became an Aunt

Reading Time: 2 minutes   The traditional route to becoming an aunt is to have siblings who procreate.  There’s a lot of potential annoyance in this.  There’s the growing up with them, for a start.  Then putting up with their choice in partner, the faffing around of 9 months gestation and then finding the result is far from cute in that it… Read More »

What Does Mental Health / Illness Mean to Me ?

Reading Time: 6 minutes   A small disclaimer: these are my personal views on how mental health vs mental illness applies to me.  Nothing is implied as to how anyone else should feel or cope. This is an open week on SB4MH and it gives me an opportunity to give some thoughts to a great post from early October by @DeviantSuccubus discussing Mental… Read More »

[F4Thought] Vice or Indulgence ?

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Is it a vice, an indulgence, or perhaps a fetish ? Certainly it started as a fetish, probably the very first real and acknowledged one.  It gradually became a vice, then an indulgence and now it’s almost a necessity as something nice that makes me feel … well, feel. What am I talking about ? Shoes !! … Read More »

[TellMeAbout] Fantasies

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Good grief !!!  Is that a cue for me to actually write smut ? Hmmm … perhaps tangentially. Fantasies can be odd, they are, of course, intensely personal images, feelings and sensations from the darkest recesses of the mind – veritable monsters from the Id.

SwirlingFire: Game, Set. Match

Reading Time: 2 minutes Game, Set. Match That’s a great Avi As the drool hits the screen Another great body All buffed Shiny clean lace, heels, stockings Can you hear the clasps snap I’m new I’m exciting My bio screams “bait” The opening gambit The giggle back kissy face emojis Followback chat The usual style The change underway The tentative enquiries targets… Read More »

SwirlingFire: See You Next Tuesday

Reading Time: 4 minutes See You Next Tuesday Tuesday 14 May 2019 “See You Next Tuesday” Tuesday’s I always want to sleep as long as possible, invariably, I wake up really early, before six am and can’t settle back to sleepy snoozing. I then have 7 or 8 hours of restless pacing or trying to find errands or jobs around the house… Read More »

Trans Identity

Reading Time: 6 minutes   This post is a departure from my usual fare.  It may upset some, potentially alienate others.  Quite likely I will receive flak, perhaps abuse.  Probably lose followers, too. When all is said and done I’m of an older generation that grew up in a very different world.  As such I have a big beef with the conformity… Read More »

SwirlingFire: Gratitude

Reading Time: 4 minutes Gratitude It’s the weirdest thing. Seeing my Twitter @name in a compilation list  – The Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2019 I’m not a nuts and bolts, dildo testing, vibrator wielding, uncovered gusset angled writer. Whilst, I quickly add – zero judgements of others – this is, after all, how we learn from each other and find our… Read More »

[F4Thought] Evolving Power of a Secret

Reading Time: 4 minutes   I’ll let you into a secret.  I have a work in my drafts folder that talks about some secrets.  It’s been there many months and it’s a perfect piece for this prompt.  But you’re not going to see it until I’m ready or it eventually passes its sell by date 😜  

SwirlingFire: One Wish

Reading Time: 4 minutes One Wish Thoughts keep swirling into view then out again. My head aches from too many thoughts. I’m not a scholarly deep thinker I’m an over thinker An over analyser The last few days (at time of writing) have not been the best.  I thought I was doing a lot better.  It’s the first meltdown I’ve had in… Read More »

The Trousers of Time (at The Crossroads)

Reading Time: 5 minutes   There’s a moment in time during childhood that I can pinpoint as to when my life changed irrevocably.  The fork in the road took me out of one placid inevitability into a chaotic future that still has repercussions each time the butterfly flaps its wings. Obviously, as a child, the choice was made for me.  What no… Read More »

SwirlingFire: Consent

Reading Time: 2 minutes Consent Stomach churning Tightening against acid burns Bile rises more often now Crippling pain that wakes me from sleep Hot sweats cold shivers Nausea Vomiting How delightful Complicated from Physical damage Lies balancing on top of more lies An upturned pyramid Angled steps heading nowhere An Escher print of a complicated architectural testament of how expertly the crafted… Read More »