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MELODY’S STORY, PART 1 – submission

Reading Time: 5 minutes This post was originally posted on 2/01/2018 as the first of three guest posts on the PainAsPleasure blog by BibulousOne.  He saw something and encouraged melody to write.  From those small beginnings I’ve graduated to running my own blog. The post can be found at MELODY’s STORY, PART 1 – Submission but is reproduced here in it’s entirety.

This Is Not The Domme You Are Looking For

Reading Time: 2 minutes I see some useful blogs and Twitter threads go by providing advice in how to approach and behave towards a domme.  Or how the newly (and not so newly) curious might take the first steps to seeing their dreams and fantasies be played out in reality. This post looks at some of the same things but from a… Read More »

The Bitter Sweetness of the End

Reading Time: 2 minutes The scene is set in The Grand Hotel in Brighton.  The elegant sweeping staircase leading up from the plush and busy lobby.  The rooms and the rest of the hotel hiding incipient shabbiness by playing on appealing through the quaintness of history and tradition rather than modern facilities.

The Eyes Have It

Reading Time: < 1 minute After some internal debate I finally decided to post this. A recent visit to the opticians resulted in new prescriptions.  One prescription for ultra clarity with short-sightedness, especially for driving.  The problem with that was that I can no longer wear a single pair for driving and close up reading.  So another prescription was made for reading. There… Read More »